We haven't been busy, nor have most of our days been full, but I am busy with anticipation, and feel stuck in a strange and surreal waiting period.
I had a list of things to do before the baby came, and it is completed. The house is clean. Josh even found time to put a new floor in our bathroom.
I keep remembering the lecture- well, part of the lecture- that Dr. Arensen gave about times of transition. This point of my pregnancy is not too uncomfortable, not unhappy, and not without its joys, but it is a holding pattern that makes me feel like I've stepped back from myself a step too far.
I am glad to see people, because it makes it easier to forget that I am waiting when I have others to tear my self-absorbed gaze away. It really is the waiting that is the problem. Other than that, I feel great.
Just so everyone out there knows, I have tried to will my body into going into labor, and it hasn't worked. I hope I'm not letting too many of you down!

The bassinet is ready. I fixed the old Tate mobile with the help of a magical find at a yard sale.
Or lovely new (not carpeted) bathroom floor. The baseboard needs to be stained, but that is not on my list of things to do before the baby is born. It is a little bathroom. I need more lap to be able to reach in the corners.


Liana said…
I just LOVE that mobile!
And the bathroom looks great, too.
Praying for you - as you wait. I know that's the hard part. Excited to soon hear the news :) Love you, Sarah!

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