We spent a few hours in Hemet. We had meant to run some errands and then eat dinner at Chili's with a gift card from our friend Steve Maxon, but our errands were over in half an hour, and we still had an hour and a half until dinner time.

Josh suggested we try the museum at the Diamond Lake entrance, and we made our way there. It was a good way to spend an hour and a half- especially with air conditioning. There were mastodon bones found just a couple miles away, and a movie that imagined what the dry, dusty land of Hemet must have been like when those giants were the main inhabitants of that place.
After we had exhausted the main room, just found a nice place to lie down in the children's reading corner, and I nursed Miles. This is the only time I took pictures, despite the numerous photo-ops.

Jack liked hanging out with us, while Lucy and Bowden and Nanny explored to their heart's content.
Generally, my days have become a little monotonous...tiring, but a bit boring. Yesterday, Lucy's birthday, was an exception, so I will post pictures of that, too.


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