Miles is still sleepy, and doing well, of course. What a sweet little bean he is.
Almost four weeks have passed since his birth! It goes so fast. Part of me is glad...the days and nights drag on with their sameness and near-constant vigilance, but the other part of me, when I feel his little body curl around mine so perfectly, his little weight arrange itself around me, keeps whispering, "Remember this...don't forget what this is like...."


Sandy said…
He is so beautiful. Sweet baby.

I know what you mean though... I'm still nursing the Mackies - mostly because I know I'll shed real tears when I nurse my last babe for the last time. I often find myself squeezing him to feel his baby-ness a little closer. Mmmmm...

xo. Sandy.
MomZup said…
Beautifully said, Sarah, and I remember those same feelings. God bless you as you mother, so tenderly, those grandchildren of ours.

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