Bowden had a very hard night Friday...he complained Friday afternoon that his knee hurt, that his brother and sister had hurt it in their wrestling, and he cried when he put any weight on it, and Josh carried him down to the meals in the dining hall.
He was up all night with a low grade fever and a knee that wouldn't let him sleep. At 4:00 am, when I got up with him for the third time- Josh having been up with him more- he asked how long until morning...and I felt so bad for him. I had just given him some ibuprofen, and it seemed to help him enough to let him sleep. I woke up at 7:00 grateful that he hadn't woken again...he slept until almost nine, and I brought him up breakfast. He had asked for the tiny soda- reserved for the "der sickies" in the house, so I let him have it- he ate the whole meal, mostly because he had it in bed.
I left Miles on the other bed to keep Bowden company while I took care of the kids downstairs.

Lucy was jealous. She wanted the little tray, and to be coddled. She loves Bowden too much to be jealous for long, though...she hovered like a little momma. Bowden felt well enough to go to the parties we had lined up...I think he lost his energy halfway through, though.


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