Miles is three weeks old today. Still sleeping through much of the day, still pretty easy to console. Still handsome as ever. More handsome, even.
Sleeping with his hands on his face...
I lay him on my lap while I post these. He gets a little wild eyed when I pull out the camera.
He likes the dark wood of the chair behind me. His hair shows no signs of falling out. He's the first baby I've had that loves to be swaddled. His hands wake him up, otherwise. To get him to wake up in the morning, I unswaddle him, and he's ready in five to ten minutes. His eyes are still steeley-grey, but I see the hints of brown in them.

Here he is, complaining because I took his pacifier out of his mouth. He is un-pacified.

And that is the third week. (For some compare/contrast, go here.)


sharon said…
I love that BABY!!!!
Annie said…
Look at that handsome boy!
He's got full lips, darker than Jacky, but just as handsome, eh?
Liana said…
handsome indeed.

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