Some of my littlest chickens latest faces for you...mostly because I got tired of looking at his bald spot at the top of my blog. His Popeye face.
His crazy face.
Pretty pleased with how things are going.
Telling me a good joke.
Just happy to be my baby, I guess.
Oh! Not my baby, only. "Mine baby." So says Jack-son.
He even likes it when Jack hugs him. Jack did not like the two older kids near him most of the time, they were so loud and wild. Miles doesn't seem to mind, and will smile when they show up right in his face.
Jack was about to smother the baby, as lazily as he could.
Straining to get a better look at the wall, which is, like all the walls and ceiling, and much of the floor, wood.
Not happy with being on his tummy, I used my leg to prop him up. He didn't like this either, and I had him happily on his back in my arms just a few moments later. I always forget about tummy time...I should start sooner and more often, but they all hate it so much. Maybe that's why all my chirrens are late crawlers.


Sandy said…
Your children are so beautiful. I love how they all look so alike and so much like themselves.

I guess they're siblings, after all.
sarah said…
you're one to talk! i love your family.
Annie said…
These shots are adorable! I finally got to see his smile- for sure!

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