We went to two birthday parties on Saturday The first was the "Carnival McGarnival" for our friend Seth White's third birthday. There was an apple dunking pool...Lucy did it twice!

We opened presents on the trampoline.

I wouldn't let Bowden jump on it, since he had hurt his knee the day before...this was his only complaint.

There were loads of candy.

Jack enjoyed the candy.

Josh and Josh White tried on the clown noses...

...and got creepy.
We went back to Camp after all this fun and saw a couple of my old camp friends who were picking their kids up from Kid's Kamp...we lingered for a while, and then went to Jordan Gates' sixth birthday.

Bowden had waited all week long to go on Jordan's water slide, but he didn't end up going on it at all.

The kids loved it all, but I was exhausted after the first party. Josh was only present for a bit of the first party, so it was a long day flying solo with the four chickens. Poor Bowden was not himself, but it was still fun for all of them. (Except maybe Miles. Fun for Miles is looking at the patterns on the ceiling from the logs.)


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