Miles is 7 weeks old today. He's getting as big and fat as my babies tend to get, but he seems sooo long. We went for a walk today- Momma still has a happy ten pounds or so before she's back to her playing weight.
He's sweet, and still sleepy, and I think he may have a cold because he's so congested and he's been sleeping more than usual, but he's not too cranky.

In fact, you wake him up, and he's overjoyed to see you. He's a jolly boy, and by the end of the day my back hurts from the weight of him, but he's least, he has been for seven weeks!

Miles likes to suck on his fist, now that he can reliably get his hand to his mouth. His hands are usually fisted, still, and his mouth is not yet big enough to fit the whole thing in, but he gives it the ol' Tate try.

His face is very rashy, a normal rash, but pretty bad. Bowden had it really badly, too, and being a fourth-time mother, I'm not worried the way I was with Bowden, but still...poor baby. His eyes? Not yet brown, but they won't stay blue. I'll keep you posted. About once a week. You know you like it.


vicTORIa said…
sarah, ten pounds or not, you are always a playa!
sharon said…
I know I like it.
Annie said…
His smile makes him look a little like Lucy- the eyes.
His smile is adorable!

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