8 weeks have passed since this baby exited the womb and entered into our family. He has a bit of a cold right now, I think, and his nose is so stuffed in the mornings. He sleeps like no one else- today he slept from 9:30 am until 2 pm....I couldn't even get him to eat in between. Jack put his "baby" in to sleep and swing with Miles this morning.
Bowden likes to help me out by holding the little manling.

Josh told him a little story tonight. Miles listened intently.


MomZup said…
Great pictures, Sarah! I had been watching for the 8 week ones with eager anticipation! Thank you so much. I see "Josh" looks in this babe from time to time and yet he looks much like Bowden and Jack's baby pictures too. Amazing thing, genetics! We can hardly wait to see you all!
A tired Aunt Rosie said…
SO why can't my baby sleep half as well as Miles?!?!?!

I just wanna kiss those cheeks again! I love you all, tell Josh howdy for both of us.

I seriously don't think he could get any cuter if you tried. He is so adorable, I'm glad I got to love him for a day before I left.
Annie said…
I see that Miles seems to be looking up at Bowden!
Tate Family said…
Love the pics! We are looking forward to seeing you all and meeting our new nephew. The girls ooh and ahh over any new pics and I anticipate that you will have lots of "helpers" when you arrive next month.
Sandy said…
Too handsome. All dem boys.

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