Two months have gone by. Miles has fit into the space meant for him perfectly. He's bigger. He's older. It's hard, though, with this fourth child, to notice the small changes that take place from week to week...I am afraid that the next ten months are going to fly by so quickly that I won't notice any of his milestones. Part of me always hopes for time to go faster- I would like more sleep, and less work, and as he gets older he'll get to be more fun and less trouble...I know that you baby-lovers out there are not agreeing with this. I just like it so much when my children talk to me and tell me what they like and don't. I like interacting- right now I am just waiting on the little man.
Part of me likes it. Part of me is tired.
Tired enough for this not to make much sense, I think.
He's sweet. He's wonderful. We love him.

He loves us, too. He loves everyone right now.
Jack thinks that Miles is solely his baby. We have been trying to teach him that we all belong to Miles, and Miles belongs to all of us, but it's been a hard journey in the Jack-mind.

Jack needed to get his gigantic bobble-head in here, too.

The Bumble likes the view.

His hair is getting taller- not longer.


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