Does he look guilty? I think he felt a bit sorry, but the truth is, he WAS guilty. I heard his little feet padding around in the kitchen and dining area...back and forth...just out of my sight on the couch. He had been quiet a little too long.

He was holding this bar- one of the jumbo sized chocolate bars that we had leftover and unopened from a s'mores night with the staff- like it was an ear of corn, and eating it like he was a cartoon boy.

Good thing I noticed when I did, or we would have had a wired little man on our hands. Oh, Jacky.


MomZup said…
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been waiting for the weekly update and feel so very rewarded. Love the tall hair and the sweet little smile. Barry and I are big fans of the chocolate bar escapade. I think Jack looks remorseful. . .probably that the chocolate fest is over! Maybe you should leave a little baking chocolate out for him to sample. . .might cure him!
Annie said…
Too Cute!!!
Baking chocolate is an idea- I've tasted it- yuck!

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