I know that maybe one of you is wondering why I haven't been posting more.
I've been distracted.
Rosie brought her two children up to my house for the week, and we have been having a wonderful time.

I went down to my mom's house the weekend before last to meet my new nephew...I knew Rosie would be coming up this week, but I couldn't wait. He's adorable in picture, but even more so in person. I don't think that Miles and Isai could look any different from each other, though.


alexae said…
To a non-mother, all babies look pretty much the same. One of them could be Asian and they'd still look like babies... Cute though! (is this wrong of me to say?)
Tate Family said…
Obie is in my lap and he is quite excited, "Baby Miles, baby Miles!" Yesterday he told me, "Baby Miles is Dad's baby." He really misses him. "We go Baby Miles house?"
Sandy said…
Yeah!!!! xo.
Annie said…
That's soooo cute!

The 2 year olds look like they're having a great time, ant the babies totter at the edge of their game!
Very adorable!
sharon said…
It's not wrong to say that they look just like babies, but I can't see it. Newborns, yes, but these chunks have a few months under their belts...still love you, though, Alexae!

(This is Sarah.)
C.C.W. said…
Theses pics are so adorable. I love it! haha

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