Rosie came to visit the week that Bowden and Lucy had off from school. It was much nicer to have a constant companion while all of the kids were home, and I loved it. We did some of our favorite eating at Cafe Aroma. We sat up on the table at the table on the top porch, which was perfect with all of the kids. It was a nice, warm week, too, so the chickens ate up the time outside in the warm sun like it was feed.

Selah was quite taken with this leaf.
Jack, despite having all of his teeth, is a drooler. I am aware that this may disgust some readers, but we still love him.
Selah shows her leaf to the world.

Rosie and Lisa manned the table.

Lisa and Isai got along famously. All babies love Lisa.
I wish Rosie was still here.


lisa d said…
that was an especially good aroma trip- they should always give us that table.
rosie said…
I concur.

With it all.

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