There are two ways to look at it.

Sometimes, when I have just yelled at the kids, or talked to them as unsweetly as I probably could, I look at them and think of how sorry I am that I am their mother...that they should have a kinder, more gentler momma.

Other times, even when I am hurrying them and doing more correcting than enjoying, I think how blessed I have been with all of these unique and delightful people, to be theirs and have them be mine, and I pray to make better use of these fleet and flying days.


Annie said…
You are a wonderful momma. If you didn't have struggles with it, I'd wonder -
To err is human, to forgive divine.
Who said that?
I remember praying as I raised you guys for the wisdom to know how to raise you and the grace to cover the mistakes i'd made anyway.
Have I told you that 100 times already?
And do you think that prayer worked?
I LOVE that you're their momma, and Josh their dad!
Rosie said…
I pray that too- all the time. You have told us that many times my mama, and I am so grateful that you have. Cause I forget things.

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