Rosie and I attempted to immortalize our time at the creek. It was such a nice day, although it was cold and the water was colder. I'm posting them all in order so that you can see how we posed and reposed, with the kids up and down.
Rosie just took this one.
Rosie set the timer for the rest, and Bowden was excited about that. Lucy wasn't sure.

Poor Rosie did all of the running back and forth. I just held the babies.


Sandy said…
A Torpid Rosie said…
Can we repeat that my face is not usually that fat? Can we just put that out there?
sarah said…
Your face is never that fat. It wasn't that fat when these pictures were taken. It must have swelled with all of the cold and the running!
Chris said…
Can I just tell you what a smile these pictures brought to my face this morning?

Sarah and Rosashar'n and a bunch of cute kids. Hard to beat that.

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