Forgive me for not posting. I was on vacation. A very excellent vacation, with my sister and her two beans, and all of my chickens, and my mom at night, and Lisa much of the time, and a happy variety of other friends and family sprinkled in there. We went on happy walks- only one to Seabridge- and drank copious amounts of Starbucks and had a nearly daily freshly baked bagel.
We didn't make it to the beach until we had been there for three days or so. It was Miles' first time at the beach, and both he and the Isai-boy loved it. Maybe for different reasons. Isai- apparently- thought that the beach was delicious.

Such a sweet little man!
Selah got right to work digging.

Bowden collected sticks.
Lucy brought me a ladybug stick to see and admire.
Ladybugs were abundant.
We made a lovely big castle, with an arch on top. Lucy made the stone staircase herself.

Jack was quick to destroy the castle once it was semi-clear that we had abandoned it.
Miles crawled about and fingered all of the driftwood and smooth stones.
Miles, despite his hat wearing and sunscreen lathering, got his first tan, much to his mother's consternation. Praise God for those Italian genes!


sharon said…
very cute!
Rosie said…
I just want to say that I did not say very cute, although it is. But i didn't say that- probably mom did.

There, I said it.
sarah said…
it was rather pithy for you. glad you told me! totally jk, rosie.

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