Rosie and I spent a lot of time by ourselves at the beach. Josh couldn't make it out for a while, and Justin was stuck working in Arizona, so we two were the definers of our days. We only had one night to ourselves, since my Mom courageously drove out every night to be with us and help us get the kids down. Wednesday we were alone. I took Isai from Rosie right after the bath, and couldn't help but take pictures.

He's in a very cute sitting-and not-moving stage.

Unlike this guy...Miles is all movement!

It was so peaceful and quiet downstairs while the girls got their baths.

After everyone was in bed, Rosie and I had a date on the deck where we watched the stars shoot and nibbled on treats and talked about our deepest hopes and desires...or at least some not-so-shallow ones.


Annie said…
What great baby pictures! I'm glad you guys had chillin' times!

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