I know, I know, I know. It's taken me too long to post, but here it is...our Awana Grand Prix cars! We had a really nice time- exhausting, but nice- and came home with two trophies. Half of the fun was making the cars, though. This is Jack's car- he really wanted a bird. He loved it. It didn't win anything, but it was exactly what he wanted. It was my favorite car we made.
Lucy's car- sadly sideways...I decorated the wings a little, but the most of the rest of the design and painting was hers...she won an award for design- it looked so good that she only got third. (They look for cars that look like they were done mostly by the kids.)
Bowden's car looked like nothing. It was supposed to be a cross design, I think, but after he painted it it just looked unusual. It came in fifth in the races, and won nothing. The widjiwat head came off in the middle of weighing and had to be replaced with a rock.
Tom Ping raced, too!
Josh had to work, but he stopped by to see a race or two of Lucy's division.
Lucy's butterfly was not so swift, but it was pretty. The pink car in the front won first prize for speed and design- a travesty, if you ask me. It was not really very impressive.
Lucy gave a strange smile.
Jack got a balloon and bubbles, and was a happy boy.
These are the cars for the open race. My Christmas tree was pretty sweet. The black car had a working camera on it that and we could watch the race from the car's point of view- it won for speed. The garden won for design. Tom Ping came in third for speed, and I let Jack get the trophy.
That bird sure flew.
Miles liked the excitement.
Ready to go.
Another crazy look from Lucy.

Jack wondering where his trophy was.

Bowden bounced in the bounce house most of the time, and played in the dirt.


The Sauce said…
How are they all so cute? Not the cars, the little ones.
Your Christmas tree is sweet, dude. Very slender. Aerodynamic I bet.
(I'd just resolved like ten mn ago to post on my blog a minimum of once a week and it made me realize I hadn't visited yours in a bit--turns out you've just posted).
Lucy's hair is already growing! As hair does, I guess.
Bounce house and dirt sound appealing to me, and I'm 29.
Sandy said…
Your kids are GRUBBED in these photos. That's why I like your family BEST, next to my own, who are number one for dirty faces most of the time.
Filthy street urchins!

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