We finally put together the baby's new crib last week. I spent the day cleaning his room, and the kid's room.

Remember, Self...once these rooms were clean. The beds were MADE!


The Sauce said…
I love these rooms! The eaves, the wood, the quilts. The spongebob pillow...Nice work.
Slanted ceilings are up there amongst my very favorite things.
I'd better be allowed to shack up somewhere in August. Yes!
Miles' room looks great. His rug's like a little metropolitan mecca. One day when he's a famous urban planner I'll say ahhh I know what inspired this.
Sandy said…
I like these nice, clean rooms, too - but I think it's just a little sad (funny) that Miles' room has Jack's name center stage. And, I like that the elder three sleep so close together since our FOUR share a room and I feel less guilty when I see the close quarters. Thanks for that.
sarah said…
I was wondering if anyone would notice that flaw...the "Jack" name stays until we can make it back to Santa Monica to have another made for Miles.

Kids like to share rooms, especially at this age, right?
Annie said…
Yes, especially at this age!
It looks like a real BEDroom!
Very good work, Sarah!
Christina said…
Haha, cherish it! That's a good idea, I should take a picture of my kids' rooms when they're clean and the beds are made, just to remind myself that it really does happen sometimes...I love the kids' rooms, by the way :) Very cute.

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