Last year, my mother had told Bowden that she would take him to Legoland for his sixth birthday. Unfortunately, in March I fell and twisted my ankle, and the resulting sprain was bad enough that by June 10th, I still couldn't walk long distances at all.
Bowden had a nice birthday anyway, but he didn't for get the plan. We finally made it yesterday, and it was SUPER AWESOME AMAZING FUN! Everything is made out of Legos!!!! We went on rides, and played in the awesome water features, and climbed and slid and it was perfect. The weather was great, and we took it easy, and it was really ideal. I loved it. The kids loved it. My mom loved it.

A fairy tale ride...see Lucy waving?

Lucy is a very careful driver.

She doesn't like neighbors.

We spent the last few minutes of the day climbing on this...

Miniland- a land full of lego houses and buildings, and giant wild bunnies that become monsters.

Miles was mild, as usual, and there were so many things for little kids that the time just flew. It was really fun.
Thanks, Mom!


Ah, the great ankle sprain of 09. I remember it vividly, as I'm sure you do.

Lego Land, from what I've heard and seen, is quite the place. Your pictures prove all the fun ya'll had. I'm a wee bit jealous we never made it there during our stint as So Cal folk.

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