We went down to Hemet with John and Lisa tonight to get groceries and pick up some goodly provisions. We ate at Red Robin.
We had the best server ever. It was great times- and the weather, right now, is perfect in Idyllwild and Hemet.


MomZup said…
Loved this post on so many levels! I have a new background for my computer! Love the beet faces! Thank you, Sarah Christine!
And beets are so healthy. I remember using beets for a dye for something when Daniel was little. He learned to like beets because I served them a snacks - a few slices at a time. That is still how I eat them. I love beets. Don't know why my mom only served Harvard beets.
Annie said…
It's in their genes! Although I might relate better with Lucy's look.
These are just adorable. It does seem that beets do something to cause funny faces.
The Sauce said…
Aw. What's wrong with me? I comment below the wrong things with fair regularity.
I like Red Robin. And John & Lisa dining there. I've seen that photo already (see Janie's comment above for indication as to where).
So glad you're all having so much fun.
(my security word, below, is "mince". Lisa Diane probably does that for work a lot). You're welcome.

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