Let me 'splain.
The computer, she does not want to work. You turn her on, and she's blank. For every twenty-five to forty times you try her, for every two or three days you attempt to start her up, she may come on once.
It's not exactly good for the blogging.
But we all know that I haven't been as faithful at blogging as I should be, so I'm sorry for that. I hope to improve.
But this thing is going to have to work with me. Tonight she came on, so here are Miles' birthday pics.
A new computer may be on the horizon for us. Who knows?
Maybe God will answer our need with another, or maybe this old girl breaking is an answer in itself!


Tate Family said…
If it makes you feel better . . .My computer works and I blog less than you. However, my camera is no longer working (I dropped it in the foot bath at the mall)and I much rather put pictures on the blog than write. This said, I like it when you do blog because you have the cutest kids! We miss you!

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