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How old is Lucy? Five!!!
Here's Nanny with the kids and their animals. I took this in the same place I took an earlier picture. (I'd link it, but I can't find it.)

This summer was an exciting exploration of wonderful diseases, like scabies and roseola, so we had periods of great fun interspersed with periods of withdrawal. Lucy's birthday party fell on the Wednesday during Kid's Kamp, and since I was busy decorating the North Chapel at the beginning of the week and putting together the carnival at the end of the week, I wasn't too upset that we had to move her party back a week because Miles was ill.
My mom offered to take Lucy to Disneyland or Legoland or SeaWorld, and Lucy chose SeaWorld-not the best choice for a little girl that hates to go to shows, but since Josh once told me that he liked SeaWorld best of all, I decided to let it go. (I should have changed her mind- I think that she wanted to go to Legoland.)
It was awesome. It was crazy and hot and there were tons of people. My mom and Josh and I had very different ideas about how to make our way around, and I ended up getting frustrated and nearly ruined everyone's good time. (I could not admit that, but it happened.)
We started out with the Shamu show, which we've heard is the worst show to go to, and Lucy didn't want to go to any other shows after that. We hung out for a long time in the super-duper play structure, complete with a happy little bouncy pad for all the little kids. If you can work around me, it was a great trip for the kids.
Lucy and I watching the killer whales. Josh kept saying, "They don't call them Save-Your-Lifer-Whales!"
We were pretty far away, but those guys are BIG.

Bowden and Lucy waiting in line to go in the biggest bounce house ever.
The nets above,
the bouncer below. Jack was just small enough to go on the little kid bouncer.
There we are in the cups!

Bowden loved the rides! We played games and won stuffed animals, and went twice through the shark tunnel- sharks swim over your head! We had cotton candy, and got to hang out with Nanny and Josh all day. It was a good birthday for the Goose.


The Sauce said…
Gorgeous photos. Lucy will be/is a stunning girl.
Happy Birthday Lucy!!

Very brazen of Josh not to credit me with "They're not called Save Your Lifer Whales". Retribution for not citing him in my first "lists" post? Maybe, but that's bold. That was a Lisa McNerney original.

I still have those pink purses for that birthday girl!!!! I have to mail them before she turns 6. I love your photos. Nice work. You've been all OVER this summer. Happy happy birthday Lucy. I can't wait to meet you.
Dylan said…
Alright Lucy, Happy Birthday! I love you and miss you and your brothers and your mom and dad.

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