Happy Halloween!!!! These are our three big ones, ready to take hearts and candy prisoner at the Idyllwild Halloween celebration.
Lucy was a butterfly. She especially loved having make-up put on her.

Bowden was a Storm Trooper.
Jack was Iron Man. He saw the costume and said, "I want to be Iron Man!" How does he know who Iron Man is? I have no idea.
I was a bride. That's right. That's my wedding dress. I still fit in it, if zipping it up means fitting. It definitely does not look the same as it did nine and a half years ago. Lucy took this picture.
And Milosch? He was a chicken! Aunt Lisa rescued him from the puddles on the volleyball court.


The Brunetts said…
How do you dress all four of your kids so cute when we scrape to dress up one?! Yikes...

I LOVE the chicken costume!
Sandy said…
Those are very cute kids and one HOT bride. Lookin' fine.
Annie said…
I want to know how my littlest Tate grandson became a Russian?
Is he a Russian chicken?
In response to Jack knowing about Iron Man: he's a boy. They just know.
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