Lisa and John left today for their new life together in Massachusetts. We all came out to say goodbye, and appropriately, Nancy and Dick were there, too. Miles got a last hold from Uncle John.
I took Bowden out of school early so that he could say goodbye. Dick is covering up an ear he just had...enhanced.

There we are, my best friend, now sister, and I. At least I know that you have a familial obligation to see me as much as possible. I love you, and I'll miss living near you, and I know that my kids are better for having lived near their Aunt Lisa...but I think that this adventure is too good to pass up, and too exciting to feel too sorry for your leaving.


MomZup said…
Oh, how I loved seeing these pictures! Thank you Sarah.
Annie said…
I will miss you, Lida!!!
God bless you both in your new life!
I know this was one of those bittersweet days - I know you will miss Lisa and John and yet, what adventures they have ahead of them. Thanks for the photos and for sharing the memories.
Sherry said…
This post brought tears to my eyes, both happy and sad.
rosie said…
That's my sweater man.

And I miss Lida too.
sarah said…
It's weird being at Camp, still.

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