We spent New Year's Eve morning at the Los Angeles Zoo. Nanny P. called up and asked if we wanted to come down, and we did. Josh had to work for a mammoth camp we had in, but he doesn't like zoos anyway.

I took a picture of Lucy, and she took one of me.

The giraffes were felling amorous. They did some unspeakable things that grossed Bowden out, but never actually mated. I told my mom about it over lunch and she got angry at me and said that I shouldn't talk about that kind of thing. I won't put it here, because of that reaction.

The animals were all pretty active, and fun to watch. The tiger looked like it was going to jump right out...a jaguar munched on a bunny body with great rippings and slurping.

We ate french fries and fried chicken, pizza and soda. The bunny probably would have been better for us.

I doubt I could have made Miles eat raw bunny. French fries? He loves those little fritters.
My mom bought us season passes...so this blog will probably show more zoo trips over the next year.
Oh, and by the way, Happy New Year!!


Annie said…
I got mad over the description over my meal. And they were active, I think because of the cold.
Tate Family said…
sarah said…
I know why. You were probably right. I lack a good filter.
Annie said…
I, too, often lack a good filter. But you know that.
It's a new year and I've decided to pray for discernment. I guess it could apply to this area also.
I love you and appreciate you, Sarah!
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