Convalescing from heartache, Rosie and I and the kids- and my mom, as of yesterday- are at the beach, mourning the loss of my Grandma- more about that here- and finding ease in the place where we spent so much quality time together.

We are waiting for this time to end, or at least, to become bearable. To have our eyes adjust to the world as it is now, and to forget how out of place we are here.

In the meantime, the chickens give us things to do, and reasons to come away from our grief, and we're making this the vacation it was supposed to be, for them.


abigail said…
Oh, Sarah.

I am so sorry.

God is good, yes, but the knowledge of that truth doesn't make grief any less raw. I will pray for you and Sharon in your time of mourning and that you find comfort in one another and your family during this painful valley.

I read your words at sunshine, and they were beautiful. They made me glad to know I'll meet your Grandma one day, and they filled me with desire to be that kind of woman.
Sandy said…
I loved your grandma, and as I've read your words and Sharon's and your mom's and josh's in the past days, I've cried many times. I think because I know how much you loved her, and can only imagine how your hearts must hurt.

We've been praying for your hearts much these days, and for the good comfort of a good Father. Love you all more than I can say.
Sarah, this was so well stated. Thank you for so much!

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