It was Awana Grand Prix time again. Bowden was grounded- grounded from everything- and he missed it, but we designed and painted one together. The first car is Jack's. Bowden came up with the idea for it, and Jack said he liked it, and Bowden had already moved on.

It's a volcano. With dinosaurs. We actually won for speed and design- first for design, second for speed.

This Lucy's hummingbird, which was a tragic figure in the race and didn't make it through even one. She was pretty upset about it, saying as she was crying, "I just wanted it to finish ONE race at least!"
It was all made right when she won first place for design- there were twenty cars entered in her level, so that was quite the coup. It won without the beak, even, since the poor yellow nose made the car over the regulation seven inches.

Bowden, after coming up with the volcano idea, decided on a dragon. An Ice Dragon, from Antarctica. I refit the wings from Jack's last year bluebird.
The spikes and the teeth were my particular favorites.

This is the infamous Teegardens- their cars took home the top honors in speed for the- what- fifth or sixth year running? Very impressive. I just happened to be sitting across from them, too.

I don't know why my kids love snakes so much, but they do. This one was a California Kingsnake, maybe because we found one just last week in our driveway.

Lucy had flowers. It was very celebratory. I raced Bowden's car and won second in speed and third in design- losing out to a totally awesome miniature couch-car, and a really cool stream-lined shark.

Altogether we came home with five trophies for three cars- far more than our fair share. But still, it's a really good time.


abigail said…
These are pretty great. They always are. I love seeing everyone's personalities take shape in a little wooden car.

(If you speak those sentences with the right cadence, they could be a beat poem. A really BAD beat poem.)
Marlene Rini said…
Jack paints like someone 11 times his age.wink wink. Very fun!
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