Jun is almost gone, and summer is disintegrating out from under us. It could be that time just passes so quickly no matter what we want or need, or it could be that we have packed this last month so full of fun that it can't stand up for the weight of it all. The chickens had their Awana ceremony, which marked the end of our home small group, my ladies small group, and the kids' crazy Wednesday nights. Some of it I was glad to have over- the rest of it I'm glad to have a break from.

If you can call our summers a break. I love having the chickens home, I love having the freedom to go anywhere. I love the sun, the pool, the relief of the shade that is only apparent in the warmer months.

Poor Josh is worked like a dog in the summer, and we see so little of him. I'm working a lot this summer in the kitchen, and when I think about the money, it's not worth it, but when I forget that and focus on the ministry, I love it. I love getting to know our staff "kids" and this year they're especially awesome...although I think that most years.

(The money I do make is going into our Pemba Fund- $115 went in to join the $3000 we have already...it WILL HAPPEN. Now that we've decided that that is where it goes, I think even considering the money will give me satisfaction.)

So please forgive the catch-up nature of these posts. I'll get to the present eventually.


Sandy said…
It IS gonna happen and I can hardly believe it!!!!!!! Oh man.

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