When Bowden hides behind a door, usually it means trouble. This time, though, it meant that he was protecting the two lizards and one salamander that another boy had found in a rotten log.

It was impressive because I didn't even know we had salamanders up here- but we do.

These hands in this picture- these are my baby's hands. He'll be eight in a week, and his parts are no longer baby parts, or even little boy parts. It's slightly heartbreaking to me.

I went to bed last night with a strange mixture of excitement and sadness. Excitement for the joy of school being OVER, having the worst year of schooling done and over with (more about that later), excitement over having mine chickens close at hand and home for the summer, excitement about SUMMER.

And sadness, because this is the last time Bowden will be in second grade, this is the completion of a year of struggle and educational hardship for my little man, a year in which I had many plans and completed so few of them. The last time my Goose will be in kindergarten and be five. Jack leaves the age of three in five days. I'm sad because I am afraid that I'll forget so much of these days, and that I was so very cranky this year, and I can't go back and do that over.

Tonight we leave for our annual camping trip with the Whites and other friends, and it should be awesome. We'll be out of range, with very little to do, and surrounded by some of the people we like most. I can't wait.

But I wish everything else could.


abigail said…
I just read Sandy's post that quoted Lamentations 3, and it's fresh in my mind as I read this post.

Because of His GREAT love, we are not consumed; His mercies are new every morning.

They're new every school year, too. :)

Squeeze all the good from this weekend and enjoy the company of people you love-- the big ones, the little ones, and the little ones too quickly becoming big, all!
Chuckling, Aunt Rosie said…
Once when he hid behind a door it was because he was chugging down soda as fast as he could. Sometimes, when I need a laugh, I ask Justin to replay it for me! :)
Annie said…
Being a teacher next door to the 5th grade kids- almost teens, I have to say that he still is very much a litttle kid- just a little nearer bigger, but you still have a few years of precious childhood to enjoy!
3rd graders are really sweet and I did fall in love with my little 4th grade class.
Even The fifth graders next door can be very sweet, AND they have senses of humor!
Having said that, I remember feeling that way at almost every stage. I'm glad I enjoyed you when I did, and sorry for when I pushed so hard I missed the fun.

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