A walk up the service road takes us past my favorite tree on the grounds. It's an oak.

Some of the roots are exposed, and the rest are intertwined in the granite above.

Strange birds perch in these branches. Josh had to test the strength of the branch before he'd put Lucy and Jack up, because he likes them.

I said strange, right?

Miles, who has no fear, did not hold onto the branches as well as he should have, so this is the only shot of them together. Notice their need for haircuts. Except for Lucy. Her hair is perfect.


abigail said…
Lucy's hair is perfect.

Hide those scissors!
abigail said…

You are a tenacious woman, SarahCPTate.
Sarah Tate said…
Thanks, friend. And it is beautiful. Maybe it's because I only have ONE girl- not FIVE- but she's a looker.
Sandy said…
I sort of love that Lucy is wearing those boots in what must be wonderfully sunny california weather by now...

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