Sorry, Mom, that I took so long getting these pictures up.  Halloween, like the past week, went by so fast.
 Miles was a dragon.  Recognize this costume?   Another two-year-old wore it.  Was that really two years ago?
 Jack was a dragon, too.  My friend Marin came through with Jack and Lucy's costumes...we had a rushed weekend, and I didn't get anything together, but Marin happened to have just the costumes we needed.
 Bowden came up with his Mountain Man costume on his own.
 Lucy was a bunny.  The star of the show was a yarn cotton-tail, but I didn't get a picture of it.
 Oh.  And I was a washed-up punk.  Nobody knew me.  It was AWESOME.

 Miles fell asleep on the walk up.  He woke up just in time to trick-or-treat.
The pink cowboy boots matched Lucy's nose.

Miles was sweet on his tickets.  He loved them.  He had no idea why he got them or what they were for, but he loved them.  It was fun.  It was tiring.  It was Halloween, not a holiday, but a fun day- and now I have three buckets and one bag of candy.  Which is good for...cavities, stomach-aches, and bad attitudes.  Oh, candy.  I love you so much.  Sometimes.


vicTORIa said…
nobody knew i was Lumpy Space Princess! we are friends for a reason!
lisa d said…
I would have spotted you from across town- I know those pants like I know my own mother!
al'xae said…
I dunno Sarah, you could be Ke$ha in that get-up. ;)
abigail said…
I love candy so much ALL OF THE TIME.


You look pretty hot, and please tell Bowden that his costume is one the my most favorite costumes ever. I think it's brilliant!

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