I just love spending time with these people. Rosie took my out to eat- Thai and Indian, and all kinds of wonderful goodly foods. I really love Chico. Parts of Chico, especially. The parts of Chico that hold my people most of all.
I was able to enjoy Selah so much easier without my kids- she'd climb into bed with me in the morning and just talk and talk...we'd get up and play a game, and then I would have to beg some time from her to really wake up. We did art projects, and just played- she ran errands with me...all together it was wonderful.
Isai is a sweet guy- pretty mellow and independent.
I love being an aunt.


The Sauce said…
So, hey....would you, like, be an aunt to my kids too? Because you're a good one. Also: Rosie's kids look So much older than a year (and 2 months...) ago when I met them. Beautiful beautiful tow-headed kids. With a third now. So cool.
Sarah said…
ALl right!

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