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You may not know this, because I keep this poor blog so badly updated, but I went to Chico. To visit my sister! And her chickens! Without my chickens!I was nervous about leaving mine babies for so long, but I was going to help my sister while she was getting ready to have a baby, and I needed more hands and freedom than I could get taking them. I missed them every minute- except the early hour minutes that I slept through without them- but I think that I was a help to my sister, and I loved being able to dote, attention undivided, on my niece and nephew.
I call my nephew many names, as is the tradition of my family. He is Isai, but I call him See-Sigh, and Seaside, and Easy. And Si-si. He's just a doll.
And Selah is Sailor. Or Say-say. It's all very confusing, and if sometimes they don't answer me, is it really their fault? How can they know who I mean when they have so many names? They were glad to see me- the kids, but Rosie, too, and I was glad to see them. I rented a car and drove up so that we could have a vehicle, and I have to note- driving up to Chico by myself is a totally different experience. A wonderful experience, in which I am the only person who cares how loud the music is, how hard the wind blows through the open window, and when to stop for food or breaks.Here is my beautiful sister, full of baby, on the Thursday before her third child and second daughter would be born. She is just over a week and a half over her due date in this picture. I had planned my trip months before, and worried that I wouldn't make it for the baby's birth, which I desperately wanted to be present at. By the time the trip was close to over, I worried that I was going to leave my sister in the same condition I found her.
It was an exciting visit.


al'xae said…
I was hoping you'd post about your trip! Love those P-W's!

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