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Exploring Our New Florida- October 2013

     Now, when you look at these pictures, I want you to see them with the eyes of newcomers. Everything was interesting, and with so much to organize and unpack, it was necessary to leave the house sometimes and explore.    We would drive to Walmart for one of any thousand things we suddenly needed, the way you need something when you move to a new place.  We saw puppies- we stopped to pet puppies.  Two years ago, we had the idea that we might own our own puppy!  This is before we realized how fast the logging trucks come down our road, and before we'd seen how much road-kill would appear on that road.  This was even before someone called and had Josh help out with the cleaning of a deer that was edible because it had been recently hit in the head, and not the body.  (We ate that deer for four months.)
    We ate out- a lot.  I love to have any excuse to eat out.  I like to cook, but I hate to cook.  I hate to clean-up and I hate to do dishes with a deep, dark hatred that I need to pray through sometimes.   The Tates of two years ago were adventure eaters, and everything tasted different.  The food I made at home tasted strange, and there were so many unusual flavor combinations and restaurant names.  I had never been to a sit-down restaurant almost entirely devoted to fried things.  I have now.  I never knew how many kinds of beans there were in the world, and how many  of them taste like Lima beans.
     We drove down roads that our GPS did not acknowledge, got lost on sand tracks that could not be meant for actual travel, and found beautiful places hidden all over.  North Florida is gorgeous, full of lakes and water, and I would express concern about some place or another, only to be told, "It's not the gators you need to worry about, it's the snakes." 
We went to Lake Palestine- in the pictures below- and let the chickens play in the tea-brown water- it was certainly still warm enough to do that.  They loved it, and it was other-worldly, but when I told a lady from church about it, she looked shocked and said, "You shouldn't go in there!  There's gators!"
     I'm trying to see the Tates of two years ago, though, oblivious- nervous, maybe, but ignorant of what really lay under the water.  It was our honeymoon period- loving the sweetness and strangeness of our new home, even while we pushed aside our homesickness. 


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In September, we were gifted a wonderful stay at a fellow pastor's vacation home- a lovely little pink house with shells everywhere and two huge rooms just perfect for all of us.  We were just a walk away from the white sands and calm, clear ocean, and we spent more time than my pale and sand-hating husband understood, but it was just lovely.  I have pictures on my phone, but I only pulled out my big camera for these few on the first day.

It had a fenced yard for the dog, a golf cart to drive us the two blocks beachward and lots and lots of shells and quality family time.  This was the trip that we watched Knight Rider together, so that's notable.
Brother Job texted his sweetheart, although we didn't know it was his sweetheart taking him away from us.

Summer in Florida

This is our fourth summer in Florida- a number that amazes me.  I still don't feel at home here, although  I know my way around.  I don't feel completely out of place in the supermarket, but I have this suspicion that everyone knows I'm not from here, and they know that they don't know me.  That special kind of paranoia belongs to the homesick, and even while I acknowledge its foolishness, I still feel it.
Summers- I may have mentioned this before- are the worst. 
     It's partly an issue of comfort, or rather, of discomfort.  The long summer days are hot and sticky, the bugs are ravenous and abundant, the plants are vindictive with thorns and poison, and the air itself is attempting to decompose your body 37% faster than air in dryer climes.*  If there is a spring or pool to soak yourself in, it's fine, pleasant, even, because there are no ticks in the water, and you can usually avoid mosquitoes under the water.  To Florida's credit, there are any nu…