More Exploring October 2013

     I have so much to say about these pictures, and so little, too.  I want to fill this full of "remember when" but, to be honest, so much of this time was just hard.  We put the kids back in public school, and it hurt my heart.  Add to that the way all of the teachers and school employees looked when I said I had homeschooled, and how many comments I'd receive- any success was a credit to my children's incredible intellect, any failure was a result of my terrible homeschooling. 
     On the flip side, the last three months have been so much better.  I found my way into the homeschooling community, and I'm getting the hang of homeschooling again.  I love it- I love the way my house feels when we are all here together- I miss time to myself, but I don't miss other people telling me what to do with MY kids.
     For all that, Miles' teachers at his preschool were some of God's Grace handed right to me where I least expected it- Christian women who were making hard choices because God had called them to it.  Always, always, God turns everything to good for us.  And I am resting in that.


Abigail said…
Such a good relection on a hard time. I admire your attitude through what must have been such a hard thing to swallow at times. God turns everything for good for the faithful, and you are that.

As for people's reactions to homeschooling success and failure, you nailed it. My mom-in-law is one of the most supportive, loving, and unjudgemental people I know, but even with her, I feel gun-shy about the children's learning (and/or lack thereof). The whole of homeschooling is so very Good, but it's hard to translate that to others who don't know.
sarah said…
My attitude has been pretty crappy, honestly, much of the time. GRACE!!

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