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Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013 was rushed.

I had this theory that I could save money buying costumes at 90% discount a few weeks after Halloween.  2012 was the first year I tried my theory out- I had the chickens buy some costumes they liked and packed them away.  At the time, I had no idea that we would be celebrating this non-holiday in North Florida.

We got to Lulu two weeks before Halloween, with no idea where to trick-or-treat, and no idea what to do on the night.  But...we were invited to a fabulous party put on by Ashley Cox and her mother, Cindy Douglas.  I didn't know them very well at that point, but we jumped in, ready to go, ready to make friends.  (I think I've done so much jumping in over the past three years that I's an inch shorter.  I've put myself out there!)

This is the problem with buying costumes a year early- children change their minds.  What looked great the year before seems pathetic when examined in the light of present likes and dislikes.  Bowden- I cant even remember what he was.  Oh, right.  See that first picture up there?  He wore his fake bearskin rug.  He went as a bear.  The other kids were game to wear what they picked out, but it was a pretty pathetic experiment. 
I think, too, that the creative process of deciding "what you will be" this year is where the real fun of Halloween is.


Abigail said…
Between the green spray-painted shirt and the bear rug, my girls now think that Bowden is the funniest boy alive. He has a whole pack of fans in the North now.

They're all so curious about the ages of Bowden and Lucy and the younger boys and can't believe that I've never met them in real life, either. (Surely I MUST have, but no...)

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