Halloween 2014

Just to make it as chaotic as the year before, I had a baby Sept 8. That way, I could enjoy a month old infant while my children got candy and ran around in darkness. Lulu, this town of 276 people, is not a place for trick-or-treating.  Our first year, we enjoyed the fantastic party by the Cox family, and then went to a mega-church celebration a ways away.  It was craziness.  In 2014, we decided to enjoy what Lake City proper had to offer- a trunk-or-treat.
 Bowden is...green?  I had just bought a new white shirt for him and he sprayed it green.  It still looks mildewed, but hey, he was in costume.
Tiniest little baby Charlie was in a tiny, little sweet outfit with a bat hat.  So small.  So cute.  How did that go so fast?
Jack was a morose Harry Potter.
Lucy was Hermione.  Her friend Cassidy was Elsa, you know, from that movie Frozen?  You've probably heard of it.
Miles was a ninja.  Over the last year, this costume has gotten use at least twice a week as pajamas.  It's small on him.  I have no idea how it even fits him.
Michael is Cassidy's brother, and he was Dracula.
We waited in line forever.  It was a huge line.  But there were giant costumed characters about, like this eagle and the TD bank thingy.  Jack and Miles loved it, but our friends Cassidy and Michael were so scared that we stopped trying to get the character's attention.
There were car trunks with candy, eventually, and then bounce houses, and Miles ran off in the darkness like a crazy person.  It was too much.  I did have a new baby, which may have made it worse.


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