Pictures of things from December 2015

Below is a picture of an impressive task I learned in 2015- pomegranate interrogation.  You just beat that pomegranate until it spills its guts with a wooden spoon, just like a P.I. with questionable morals with a street-smart criminal.

These two pictures are of my main man, Joshy T.  We were enjoying a breakfast date at the Cracker Barrel...I think in Lake City.  It could also have been in Gainesville.
The pictures below are of the lights in Lake City near Town Hall.  The kids are playing with a little boy from our church, Kayne. 


Abigail said…
It was this post that made Annika exclaim with actual pain, "I WISH we could meet them!"
sarah said…
They ARE so fun. But now, two years older! That's settled, then, we are coming for a visit. In the next few years.

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