This is how my room looks today.

So messy.  So sad.

Once I clean this up, I can move on to the pantry.  That place is just terrible.  What?   Let us be honest with each other.


Abigail said…
And it was this post that made Annika exclaim, while everyone giggled knowingly, "Oh, I LIKE her!"

Our bedroom right now is so much worse, and has been for a couple of months. John has been moving boxes of his "Perrennial Pile of Stuff to Sort and Declutter" upstairs and down, depending on whether or not company is coming. It looks like we just moved in a couple of months ago, but we've been living here for 6 years. Ah, the burden of too much wealth and Stuff.
sarah said…
Yes, that's exactly it. I have boxes and piles that travel around the house...and this strange situation that occurs when I do most of the laundry- I dont have palces for all of our clean clothing. I have decided to cut our clothes down to seven outfits per person. That's reasonable, right? Wealth and stuff!

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