We're in Oxnard. We've been to the beach twice, to Seabridge twice, and have been loving being with each other and being on vacation. Nicole (nee Nafiziger) was here, Rosie and Selah are here, Mom and Lisa...it's been a wonderful time.

I dug this hole by hand- one of my favorite activities in the world. My camera is full, but Josh just bought me a new memory card. He left early this morning to go with my Umpa to the Ranch House in Lindsay, so we'll be missing him for almost two days.
If you want to see pictures of three pregnant ladies...and Lisa...go to Dwell in Sunshine.


MomZup said…
Wouldn't have missed those pictures of the moms to be!!! Priceless. It is so good to laugh and I am so glad you had such a wonderful time.

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