Not any of these pictures are focused or good, as pictures, but what happy moments are captured! The chickens love to dance. Here they go!

Watch them get down.

Watch them get down!


Annie said…
They have a great time dancing! I hope they don't lose that wonderful pleasure!
Sandy said…
It's in Paulson blood, I believe.

Can I also say that I loved the belly shots on Dwell in Sunshine. For some reason I forget you have that blog... then I went there (when you told us too. Thank you for reminding me) and saw that Nicole is pregnant!!! I'm WAY out of the loop. Facebook has failed me.

Babies babies everywhere...
That Jacky is cute. I can't believe he's still such a babe and another on the way. Love those taters.
lisa d said…
i just wish we had documented the "boyfriend/girlfriend" dance!
sarah said…
Scary...maybe they'll do it again.

And sandy, don't feel bad. Nicole isn't on Facebook, so how would you know? She's a slacker! Haha.
And I told you so that those that forgot that blog would see Nicole in all her glory- she's due about a month behind me- about a week behind Rosie.
June 29th is coming, and fast, it seems. I'm excited!

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