What have I done?
On the surface it seems as though I've agreed to coach Bowden's soccer team.

What I have really done is created chaos for myself for 10 weeks. Oh. And Oh. And an Uh for good measure.


Annie said…
You know what? I hear your oh's and uh's and I really understand them.
It seems daunting.
But get yourself a couple good team moms and do all the delegating you can.
I think you are gonna be wonderful.
YOu are a natural with kids!
Annie took my comment - you seem such a natural with kids that you will do wonderfully. It will be fun and so important for the children. Discipline is the key.
Jenn said…
You are an unbelievable and amazing woman, Sarah! Did you NOT just birth a baby recently?!? And now you are going to be the queen soccer mom. You will be great with those kids - and they will be lucky to have you. I sit in awe.

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