A little hike by Alligator Lake in November, 2013

Jack and Miles, in 2013, were much smaller, Jack was blonder, and we were much more ignorant.  See the shell in Miles' hand?  It belonged to a Giant African Land Snail- an invasive species that eats through plastic and rubber, among other things, and also carries a disease called rat worm lung- a brain bacteria that is like Menigitis. 
It's not safe in these woods- my thoughts about the wilderness have evolved.


Abigail said…
THIS post convinced Susannah that "Florida is not a safe place to live."

We are really enjoying the exotic tinge to these tales, but as a mama who lets her children pick up and stuff nearly anything from the outdoors in their mouths, it kind of makes me cringe. My children would be in mortal peril if we lived anyplace with harmful critters small enough to pick up (or to hide in tea-brown water).
sarah said…
I used to be that mama, too. I had a lot of praying to do, our first two years, and I still do, but Florida has been an excellent reminder to trust God with these people he's blessed me with.

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